SASECO card - Anytime anyplay anygirl...

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SASECO card - Anytime anyplay anygirl violating creampie insta-charge! (Motion Comic Version) / SASECOカード いつでもどこでも誰とでも奥まで犯して即ハメチャージ!(モーションコミック版)

The IC card of dreams, that lets you f*ck whoever you want. Introducing the SASECO Card. Simple to use. Charge it with cash at the terminal. Done. Show your card to the girl of your choice and she will do whatever you want. The money will be conveniently debited from the card, hassle free! Only 5 were ever made... and lucky you, just happened to get one of 'em. Money? No problem. It's already full of $$$ thanks to the old folks. Ready to get out of the basement and have some fun? Now in MOTION!
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