Timeslip Sex Endless

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His thirties were coming all too soon. While he struggled to find a job his friends were getting married and starting families. Living successful lives. His phone buzzed. It was Rio, his first crush and a longtime friend. "Keita, remember me? I'm getting married" Tat-tan, ta-tannn... Tat-tan, ta-tann... As the local train clattered along the tracks, he sobbed alone in the car. Why, he thought. Why do I always act too late...! If only I could go back. If only I could do it all again! Gagohhh!! Keita was engulfed in an ear-splitting sound. His body was thrown, or felt like it. Then, blackness. What... happened? A crash? Maybe he was dead. "Hey! Keitaaa!? Wake up already!" It was a strangely familiar voice. Keita blinked. Was that a lamp? Standing in front of him was Rio, but much younger... Like he'd traveled back in time. If this were true... he could take his future back. This time I'll do it different, he vowed. I'm going to be with Rio... NOW IN MOTION!
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