Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou Kara Meimon.. ep1

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Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou Kara Meimon Yakyuu-bu no Seishori Gakari ni Narimasu... THE ANIMATION / Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou kara Meimon Yakyuubu no Seishorigakari ni Narimasu... The Animation / パコマネ わたし, 今日から名門野球部の性処理係になります... THE ANIMATION



野球の全国大会への出場経験もある地元の名門校・箱峰学院。 1年生の 伊波咲 は、たまたま観戦した試合で興味を持ち、野球部のマネージャーになる。 面倒見が良く親切な先輩マネージャーの 栗宮希実 や、爽やかな野球部員たち。 これから始まるチームメイトとの青春の日々を期待し、胸を躍らせる咲だったが…… 「部員が万全の状態でいられるように何でもケアするのが、マネージャーよ」 そこに待ち受けていたのは、汗と肉欲の伝統だった。 汗臭い部員たちを労るため、当たり前に行われる性処理係としての活動。 所構わず行われる性奉仕は、処女だった少女に忠誠と快楽を植えつける。 歪んだ伝統に翻弄されながら、やがて咲は心と身体、全てを部員たちに捧げていく……

Based on erotic game by Frill.

A locals' prestigious school, Hakomine Academy that also has experience in baseball national competitions. First year grader Inami Saki is interested in the game he happens to watch and becomes manager of the baseball club. Kimiya Kimiya, a senior manager who is friendly and helpful, and fresh baseball club members. It was Saki who excited herself, expecting youth 's days with my teammate starting next time .... "It is the manager to care everything so that the members can be in perfect condition" It was a tradition of sweat and carnation that had been waiting there. An activity as a sex processing clerk who is taken for granted to labor sweaty staff members. Sexuality done without permission is to plant loyalty and pleasure in the girl who was a virgin. Saki eventually dedicates everything to the club members, heart and body, while being tricked by a distorted tradition ......