Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum ep3

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転生剣奴の子作り闘技場[ハーレムコロッセオ] / Tensei Kendo no Kozukuri Tougijou

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心優しく不器用で争い事を好まない巨乳エルフ・デュランタは、いつの間にか殺し合いの行われる闘技場のヒロインとなっていた。 そんな彼女は実は作られたアイドル剣士であった……… 殺し合いの殺伐とした中にあって、ライティウス率いる雷光団は、客を楽しませるのをモットーとし、実際には殺す手前の寸止め劇を巧妙に細工していたのであった。 そんなことは露知らず、興行主の皇族、ドSドジっ娘ドバカ姫・ルナハソールちゃんは、デュランタとその相手であるリグシオンを別荘に招き持て成すフリして、凌辱劇を見せろという無理難題をふっかけてくる。 おバカ少女でも姫の命令とあれば、逆らうことは許されず、巨乳エルフ・デュランタを、その野太い珍品肉棒で、ルナの前で覆いかぶさるリグシオンであった……

Based on the light novel by Hisasi and Habara Tetsu.

Lightning group Choh · Righteus. Chinmai looks as well as ears and muomofu It is a longevity beastman tribe in contrast to the tailed cuteness, she is an experienced adult woman inside. . The Thunderstone led by her was aiming for a fighting as a showcase, not just a murderer, in the era of killing and praising. Meanwhile, the Liguion which I found in the slave market. "Who brings wisdom, is not it?" The answer that she has arrived at his existence embodying his ideals. To her unfathomable even her knowledgeable experience, she had burned that baby boy ... .... "A hole in my aunt, I'm sorry I swallow it with such a packing" In front of a rigid stick that appeared to be incompetent in a small hole, She is a person who has given a sense of danger of suffering as she is desperate with a glance wielded already ...... Such a thing is Mr. Idol Duranta of the explicit group. Today as well swaying long ears with big tits, He shook his tight hips full-fled and headed to him. I do not know that he is exactly piercing his body, holding up his bodies and raging her hard with a rigid battle prisoner of her ... ...


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