Ikkyuu Nyuukon / 一求乳魂 ep2

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バレーボール部員の佐藤は、毎日部活の先輩とマネージャー高橋のセックスを目の前で見せられ 悶々とする気持ちを鎮める為に家でオナニーをして解消しようとするが、そんなのではとても無理。 二人きりになれるよう画策した佐藤は、体育倉庫で今迄我慢してきた全てを爆発させ高橋の身体を求めていく。 夏の大会を控え強化合宿へ行くことになった女子バレーボール部。だが現地に着くとすぐにBBQパーティ!? さらにその後は、高橋の身体を求め部員みんなでチ●ポの奪い合いに!そこへ大好きな朝倉が連れらてきて…。


Male student Takahashi was concerned about Kaoru Asakura of the valley club.Mr. Sato who is a classmate and belongs to the same club activities as Asakura introduces her, so mail arrives to come to the clubroom. When I entered the hall in anticipation, I took hold of the Bra jar which came down from my head and took a definitive proof photo as an underwear thief.Mr. Takahashi who was fooled by the seniors of the volleyball team to force him to forcibly managers.Absolute submission ... There is no right to refuse, as it is done to the place Megumi and Sha rare body,The feast of the virgin graduation ceremony begins!


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