Kunoichi Sakuya くのいち・咲夜 ep2

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「お願い、もうやめて! これ以上私を汚さないで、義兄さん!!」 里一番の忍びであった義理の兄と、その妹である咲夜の愛憎・肉欲の果てを描く、くのいち調教アニメーション。 くのいち・咲夜は敵対する忍びの里に寝返った義理の兄を追うが、返り討ちに遭い捕縛されてしまった。 徐々に激しくなっていくくのいちに対する調教。 咲夜は義理の兄に犯され、衆人に視姦され、とうとう権力者の肉奴隷へと墜とされる!

Based on the game by Lune.

Sakuya adores her beloved brother always. Eventually, she asks him if he has ever thought engaged and getting married and he tells her he would only accept the best of the Ninja for the wife. Therefore she promises him to be the best and marry him. However, everything changes when her brother is said a traitor and then she is instructed to arrest him. The one that is, however, captured first, Sakuya is yourself ..


Kunoichi Sakuya くのいち・咲夜 ep1


Kunoichi Sakuya くのいち・咲夜 ep2

Directors: Schoolzone