Osananajimi JK -Memories from a Summer of R*pe-

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The awakening came for Satoshi, Maho and Kenji when they sneaked into the empty school pool one hot summer day. The boys could see through Maho's wet clothes. Later in the changing room they couldn't take their eyes off her. Until then they'd all been platonic friends. Now, the urges of sexuality were awakening, and friendship with such a girl took an exciting, heartpounding new turn. (Why didn't I ever realize... Maho is cute... sexy...) Satoshi and Kenji laid their hands on Maho's prone body, massaging her back and legs. "Ahhh... That feels good... right there..." Encouraged by the lilt in her voice, the boys touched more. "That's enough... you guys... please stop it..." Her sighs of pleasure became tears. Over and over, the boys r*ped their pretty friend...
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