Sextra Credit / Mejoku ep1 ENG DUB

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Based on a game by Love Juice.

I became a teacher to be like a passionate teacher in TV dramas, and I worked hard for the school. However, the principal who understood my way of teaching became sick, and hospitalized. Then, the vice-principal, Migiwa Anzu, took over the job. However, her educational policy was to make the students enter elite university, and my ideal education was broken. I was discouraged and became a bad teacher, and then even students began to make a fool of me. One day, I was scolded for the mistake I made in the class by the five female teachers who subordinated Ms. Migiwa. Then, I was dropped from homeroom teacher, and I began to just watch another teacher`s class. Since that day, my humiliating days began.


Sextra Credit / Mejoku ep1 ENG DUB

Sextra Credit / Mejoku ep2 ENG DUB