Suntan Sukumizu JK R*pe / 日焼け跡スク水JKレイプ

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Suntan Sukumizu JK R*pe ~3 Schoolgirls On XXX Summer Vacation~ (Motion Comic Version) / 日焼け跡スク水JKレイプ~夏休みに犯された三人の女子〇生達~(モーションコミック版)

Misa, Shouko and Moe have been great friends ever since they started school and one day when they were playing happily at the pool... their home room teacher comes along to tell Moe that she will have to be held back a year for your abysmal academic performance! Oh no! Whatever will we do? How can we go on enjoying our lives at school without Moe being in the same class the girls lament... But not to worry, sensei has a condition for letting Moe off the hook. ...Get naked... right here... right now... simple (?) as that...!?
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