Kijoku: Princess Double Kari ep2

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姫辱(きじょく) プリンセスダブル狩り / Slutty-Princess Diaries



アステリアの王子・ディストールは、隣国・バルトラージュで人質として屈辱的な日々を過ごした。 その間、故国に残してきた義理の妹・クーナが魔王を封印するための “聖女” に選ばれた事を知る。 聖女は命と引換に魔王を封印するのだ。 最愛の義妹を守ることも出来ないディストールは、己の無力さを悟る。 そんな彼の前に黒衣の美少女が “魔女” だと名乗り現れる。 魔女はクーナを救うための強大な魔力と引換に 2つの条件を課した。 ひとつは、バルトラージュを侵略し “王家の秘宝” を手に入れること、 そしてもうひとつは、バトラージュの姫・イリアステラを陵辱することであった……。

Distol, a prince of Asteria, had passed humiliating days as a hostage in the neighboring country Bartrage, for 8 years. His mother had been also sent to the country, but she ended up dying. Since then, he made efforts to learn fencing and acquiring the knowledge and cultures in order to protect important himself. However, one day, he knew that his sister-in-law whom he had left in his country was elected as a "Holy Lady" in order to seal Satan. Holy Lady would devote her life to seal Satan. Because he couldn't save his loving sister, he felt his weakness. Then a beautiful girl in black clothes appeared in front of him, and she said she was a witch. In exchange for a strong magic to save his sister, she imposed two conditions on him. They were that he would invade Bartrage to get the secret treasure of the royal family, and that he would kidnap Princess Irina.


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