Class Zenin Ore no Yome

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Class Zenin Ore no Yome - Kurasu zenin ore no yome watashitachi no karada wa anata no mono joshi zenin petto sengen くらすぜんいんおれのよめ わたしたちのからだはあなたのもの じょしぜんいんぺっとせんげん

This is a story about a high school student Fuyuki living separately from their parents. One day, he accidentally causes a demon Mel in his house. Then Mel is trying to take over his life. They start a fight from which Fuyuki manages to emerge victorious. Mel admits defeat and it promises to transform all his desire into reality. Fuyuki, without thinking twice, asks the girl he loves, and loved it. But Mel misunderstands it and makes it so that any girl who will like it, just wanted to be him. The next day all the girls and teachers begin to behave differently ...