All My Lovely Nieces

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All My Lovely Nieces (Made Me Their Plaything So I Played Back Hard) (Motion Comic Version)

中年キモデブのオレが久しぶりに遊びに来た姪っ子達にオモチャにされたが そのあとにメチャクチャに○ってやった件(モーションコミック版)

"My boyfriend's little baby d*ck is no gooooood. Uncle, I'll never get off with anyone else! A--- amazing!! Your d*ck is sugoooiiiii!" What's going on, you ask? Until yesterday if you asked me about my nieces I could say, they're a couple of sassmouthed brats. Today I've got them worshiping my d*ck saying all that millennial praise. Best ever. Super amazing. Raving sluts! On the phone? She'll let me f*ck her while her mouth is busy! On a date with her boyfriend? I'll f*ck her the way he can't, the timid micropenis loser! I own these girls from cute faces to hot bodies: see it all here!
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