Okusama wa Moto Yariman / 奥様は元ヤリマン ep1

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元ヤリマンの美人奥様たちに童貞卒業をお願いしちゃう。 大喜びの奥様たちに引っ張りだこ。 3人の美熟女とエッチしまくって、充実の性活がスタート! さあ、ビクビクのおちんぽを召し上がれ。

Yuuto is living alone in an apartment complex but thanks to his neighbours Megumi, Anna and Mako he's not feeling lonely. Though he enjoys their company (and their looks) he is a bit disappointed that they always treat him as a child, not as a man. Things change on the night of his birthday when, after the party the three throw for him, Megumi tells him that as a birthday present she'll do something for him. It's the beginning of Yuuto's hot summer vacation with the three busty women...

Based on a doujin game by Orc Soft.

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