Chijoku no Seifuku ep2 ENG SUB

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Especially aimlessly, hero who had spent the day-to-day by the mechanical tinkering and AV Watch. He asked the friend who was hospitalized in a traffic accident, was supposed to help the electric appliance store while live by proxy in the apartment. One day, the hero is for repair of electrical equipment from Tokusawa Akemi living in the same apartment. He is, but would set up a camera from just sudden impulse that immediately went up to her room. And successfully succeeded in voyeur, to observe the life of Akemi. It was to remember the unprecedented excitement in the immoral sense. The installation then, at the request of even repair from Kasumi Ogawa, which has been holding a longing from previous, Toto equipment to course Kasumi of the room.


Chijoku no Seifuku ep1 ENG SUB

Chijoku no Seifuku ep2 ENG SUB