Bakunyuu Bomb / 爆乳BOMB ep2

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Exploding Tits BOMB / 爆乳BOMB



淫乱看護師の立花薫は動けない患者さんに身体を使ってご奉仕! アナルだってさし出しちゃいます! 天然人妻の椎名美咲は騙された借金返済のために、団地の一室で秘密のご奉仕。今日も母乳を撒き散らす。 ドS女教師・若槻理沙は、趣味のオナニーが教え子に見つかって脅された挙句、学園の性奴隷へと堕ちていく……!

A nurse that takes the job one step further by making her patients happy with special treatement. A housewive who is decieved by one of her neighboors to sign an unpayable debt and then she falls in the hand of the yakuza who make her perform as a sex toy. And a female teacher that can't hold her desires any longer and get herself some pleasure in the school bath but she was caught by some students and now she's the most popular sex dump of the town.


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