True Blue / Настоящая грусть ep2 RUS SUB

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True Blue~トゥルー・ブルー~ / トゥルー ブルー



Парнишка любил девушку, да и она была к нему не равнодушна, но... у сенсея физкультуры было другое мнение на этот счет и другие планы...

Kanzaki Aoi is a popular high school idol who has a love relationship with her childhood friend and next door neighbor, Kurusu Akito. They are always together, even going to school in the morning together. She admires him and respects him also, and still remembers the time he saved her when they were younger. All of their dreams to stay together come crashing down, however, when Aoi is forced to participate in daily obscenities with the physical education teacher, Shoda. With each day, she comes to realize that she enjoys it more and more. Even after powerless Akito discovers the truth, Aoi shows him just how much she wants Shoda instead.


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True Blue / Настоящая грусть ep2 RUS SUB

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