Sailor Fuku Shinryou Tsumaka ep2

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蓮城希望は学生でありながら精神医学の若き天才。しかし変人癖があり周囲から浮きつつも将来を嘱望されていた。そんな蓮城が自信を持って提出した論文を失笑と共に突き返されてしまった。 憤慨した蓮城は精巧な学園セットを舞台に人妻にセーラー服を着せて壮大な実験を開始した。

Nozomu is a student, but famous in the field of psychiatry. He works hard every day to find a way to remove mental concerns of women. Actually, his deceased father worked on this theme and he now takes it over. One day, he submits a report, but it is thrown out soon. The theme of his report is, "Women's current concerns attribute to their past mental conflicts, especially during adolescence. By removing their past mental concerns with hypnotism and making them experience a satisfying school life, their depression will be cured." "It's just an armchair theory. No one will believe it." Nozomu gets upset and makes up his mind to prove it. Days later, he somehow collects three girls, Mirai, his mother, Kyouka, Mirai's friend, and Izumi, his old friend. Like this, his grand experiment involving "married women in sailor's uniform" starts....


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Sailor Fuku Shinryou Tsumaka ep2